What does ILS9 do?

ILS9 is a leading aviation company primarily based in Toronto, Canada with presence Internationally focusing on commercial pilots training.

Why should I choose ILS9?

The company understands the aviation industry well and ensures quality and excellence in commercial pilot training to it’s customers.

What is the duration of the training?

Average time to complete the program is six to eight months.

What is the training methodology?

Customised training programs are key. ILS9 offers zero hours to CPL under one roof. Fundamentally, one CFI to three-five students (average), one aircraft to three-five students (average).

What is the fee structure? What are the benefits included?

ILS9 offers the best pricing (fee structure) to its customers.

What differentiates ILS9 from other aviation companies?

ILS9 is led by a team of robust and experienced pilots. With a long-standing history par excellence, the organization strikes the right chord in delivering the most professional training to it’s students.

What are the job prospects after completion of the training?

ILS9 shall provide 100% assistance in placements.

Does ILS9 offers a job after training with them?

Yes, you can work as an Instructor with us after successfully completed the course.

Please note: All information provided in the FAQ section related to duration, course completion, placements, etc. is subject to student performance and may vary based on individuals.